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Kick Ass Quality--Coming Soon

  Whether building yesterday’s amazing pyramids or today's great technological wonders, engineering, quality, and operations staffs have needed effective training...the kind that results in quality designed and built products that keep customers happy.

To turn out products that fit easily together, perform well and last they way they should, employees need to know how to create robust designs, manage their manufacturing processes and control them using statistical tools. They need to know how to work as teams to identify, quantify, and solve variation problems. Since corporate reputations rest on the assurance of product reliability, companies cannot afford poor, ineffective training. That’s why companies turn to NOVA for quality training design and performance- based learning solutions.

NOVA has a style of curriculum development that is different. It's not training at all....It's learning. Their goal is to help transfer knowledge to the learner's heart--as well as his or her mind.

  • It's experiencing - through interactive examples they creatively involve learners in applying the principles through common everyday examples and terminology which is familiar to them.

  • Its fun - In today's society people want to be entertained more and more. NOVA's style of development compliments this through activities which are fun and help the leaners embrace the knowledge and information

  • NOVA's curriculum is not just performance-based training.....its an adventure!

--Charles Harris
Learning, Education & Development, The Boeing Company


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